The Charvaka’s basic response to life




The Charvaka observes1 and responds to life2 as an independent, mature adult.3 Thus she behaves naturally,4,5 therefore authentically.6


Consequently, she strives to survive @ best7 within her limited world.


Her responses are pragmatic8 because guided and controlled by common sense derived from current and past perceptions.



The Charvaka observes that ‘life is short’ and that ‘death closes all.’9 Those observations inform her secondary response which is to maximise pleasure (or minimise pain).10
















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1.     The Charvaka observation and response mode (or mind-set) can emerge in infancy or at any time during the life cycle. If it emerges too soon or too late is can harm the individual. Hence the supernaturalists’ protective interventions.

2.     For ‘life’ understand: the ongoing stream of perceptions consisting of A: the response to (digital) percepts producing 1:1 (hence quantum) contact, hence the affect of absolute realness/trueness/certainty and B: of (analogue) concepts, i.e. as the grasping together of a series of (unreal/untrue/uncertain) pattern of percepts.

3.     In other words, the Charvaka operates as an autonomous unit/quantum of the discrete but endless (i.e. ubiquitous and presenting for response) procedure that generates nature. The immature (i.e. yet dependent, i.e. incomplete) are protected (i.e. safeguarded, comforted and consoled) by a firewall of supernatural concepts/fantasies, the latter operating as placebos.

4.     Behaving naturally means applying (indeed completing) the basic, non-local nature to local perfection. In other words, as mature adult she simply copies the universal (i.e. common-to-all) nature generating procedure perfectly into/as her personal (thus local) niche.

5.     For ‘nature’ read: the totality of (i.e. all) identifiable realities.

6.     Behaving authentically, i.e. naturally (to wit: ‘down to earth’) is dangerous in a cultural (or over-cultured) environment. However, to complete his/her natural identifiable reality generating procedure the Charvaka must overcome that danger. In other words, ‘he/she must leave the nest’ of protective supernatural fantasies.

7.     i.e. to become the ‘fittest’.

8.     i.e. reality tested.

9.     The Charvaka denies the concept/fantasy of an after-life since she can’t perceive it. Idem all notions about entities and procedures (like Karma) allegedly operating beyond perception.

10.   Pleasure and pain are self-generated signals that indicate (outcome or goal) achievement or non-achievement.


The Charvaka’s basic goal