The re-emerged Charvaka




The Charvaka’s1 function2 is to debunk the fictional worldview of tiny minority3 who decide the ethos and therefore welfare of an entire culture to their own advantage.4


In the past5 the minority was a religious priesthood who conned their way to power and wealth by promising salvation6 in the next life.7




Today8 it’s the self-serving priesthood of the market place, i.e. the money-men,9 who spread the myth of never ending growth, prosperity and freedom from ill for all in this life.10


Both priesthoods, blind to the long-term dynamic development effects of their short-term thus static salvation solutions, eventually sink their dependents11 into a ‘Dark Age’12 of utter deprivation and misery.13


The Charvaka’s role now is to disrupt and so slow down the market place priesthood’s grasp for absolute wealth and power so as to impede and possibly avert14 the coming ‘Dark Age’ and the unending pain and misery it will bring. 











© 2022 by Victor Langheld








1.     He/she who chews over, i.e. analyses the facts of life.

2.     And which is derived from perception of the real, everyday world, i.e. of nature.

3.     i.e. of priests or philosophers operating as idealists and fantasists.

4.     They steal their wealth, power and freedoms from their dependents by selling them a better future (in the next life).

5.     During the infancy of humanity when there were few actual (i.e. scientific and technical, i.e. cultural) means of reducing the brutality and misery of the struggle to survive within raw nature.

6.     i.e. FREEDOM FROM pain and misery.

7.     The fantastic promises served as placebos.

8.     i.e. during the juvenile phase, i.e. the expand and grab phase of human development.

9.     i.e. The central and other bankers, industrialists, financiers and so on who as ruthless predators suck the maximum of wealth and power from their prey, i.e. the common man/woman.

10.   To sustain the ideology of the market place and therefore of salvation in this life, the human species has now, as it did in a limited way the past, for instance during the eras of Roman and British imperialism, become and invasive species. (Juvenile, self-obsessed) Humans are now invading every niche of the natural world, in the process exterminating the species that inhabit them and extracting all resources.

11.   i.e. prey

12.   At the end of the Veda and with the emergence of the unnatural because self-defeating world-flight ethos of the Upanishads, Buddhism, Samkya-Yoga, Jainism et al, generated by both the Brahmins (i.e. the astikas) and their opponents (i.e. the nastikas), India, discouraged from developing life-supporting science and technology, sank into a ‘dark age’ from which it is only now emerging. In the West, Christian and later Moslem religious fanatics/priests, claiming perfect knowledge, drove their respective cultures into decline and into a ‘dark age’ of ignorance, poverty and misery. During the Age of Enlightenment the West gradually eliminated the religious imposters. Islam has yet to do so.

13.   The coming ‘Dark Age’ (of humanity) begins when the new High Priests become hereditary (i.e. self-perpetuating) and acquire, as did the hight priests of the past, the bulk of wealth (and freedom), the natural limits to growth are reached and the rest, possibly up to 95% of the world’s population, are reduced to the status of serfs (i.e. wage slaves and welfare recipients), a development which is already begun (viz. the elimination of the middle class).

14.   i.e. by helping design the long-term survival rules for an adult humanity that sustains and preserves itself by applying itself naturally (and not culturally).