Naturing as Automaton



Naturing, the dynamic quantised1 procedure2 that enables the emergence of the cosmos3 of quantised identifiable realities, happens as dynamic response to turbulence.4 That response procedure, hence naturing,5 is automatic and blind,6 hence an automaton.7


Each emerged identifiable reality,8 happening as it does as differential recursion9 of the basic procedure, likewise operates as automaton.10












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1.   For ‘quantised’ read: digitised, i.e. bit by bit.

2.   For ‘procedure’ read:  the application of a set of constraints (or rules or laws, indeed forces, as in the 4 fundamental forces of nature). The set of constraints/rules operate as a machine (e.g. the Universal Turing Machine).

3.   For cosmos read: The totality of individual identifiable realities. Note Patanjali’s 2nd Yoga Sutra: ‘Yoga is the restriction of (mental) turbulence.’

4.   i.e. caused by random momenta, i.e. by energy pulses-as-quanta.

5.   Spinoza’s natura naturans (i.e. as dynamic procedure).

6.   Therefore indiscriminate. In short, all emergents are equal before the (natural) law. Because equal before the law, the law is just and adjusts.

7.   The NOD defines automaton as: a machine (i.e. procedure) that performs a function according to set of (coded) instructions (hence constraints or rules). An automaton consisting of a set of rules/constraints self-organises and self-regulates but does no have an independent SELF or SOUL, as claimed by naïve ancient and modern Indians et al.

8.   Spinoza’s natura naturata, i.e. as limited (i.e. stilled, stopped, sliced or blocked) dynamic procedure.

9.   To wit, as localised variation, thus as alternative rather than as opposite.

10.   High complexity (i.e. surface structure) emergents, such as biological phenomena like the single cell blob, the gecko or the human, emerge the capacity for memory and with it the capacity/freedom to de-automize (survival) procedures.